Carice van Houten, Bussum 2001

Carice v Houten '01

Excerpt from ‘Nabelichting’, Chapter 1, Actresses and Portraits

She was right on time, cheerful, in a seemingly good mood. Nevertheless it was clear that something was bothering her. She looked ‘far away’ now and then, silently absorbed in thought, concerned. But then, like flipping a switch, she brightened up, smiled and looked happy again.
Carice was at the very beginning of her career and remarkably easy to work with, reacting naturally to my directions. ‘A few shots in the garden, another one amidst the rubbish in the shed? No problem.’
Inside the house, in the room where the light came in abundantly, she looked mysteriously into the camera and, for a second, gave up her serenity: click!
We were finished much earlier than expected and she decided to take some wine and cake to her grandmother, who lived nearby.
Happily skipping she went down the garden path.
I was thinking of the wolf.


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