Yfke Sturm, Amsterdam 1999

Yfke '99 Fong Leng 01

Back to the Future, ‘Diva’, Spanbroek 1999

Springtime 1999. At the occasion of ‘Diva’, an exhibition dedicated to the work of illustrious designer Fong Leng, I photographed some of her extraordinary outfits. Demi-couture, designed in the seventies, extravagant and colorful. With golden leather, pink dyed fur and numerous, sumptuous applications she was way ahead of her time. Her mobile pieces of art, worn without other accessories, were ‘the’ thing to wear for the avant-garde in Paris at that moment.

To give the pictures a ’modern’ touch and make clear that dresses, skirts and coats were photographed now, in this day and age and not in the past, I photographed air-planes that didn’t exist in the seventies in the background. Yfke Sturm was also styled and made-up in a modern, avantgardistic way. We pulled a hairnet over her head.

The pictures were shot analogue, digitalized and ‘photoshopped’, a brand new technique, before they were sent by internet to the magazine, also something very new and modern. It took about half an hour to send only one picture, I had to do six. An easy bicycle ride to the publisher’s office and back would have taken only half the time of what it took us now but we were amazed by these new possibilities. It all fitted so well within the context of the shoot. The twenty-first century could begin!


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