New York, New York 1976

12 US NY 1976 Traffic 01

Excerpt from ’Nabelichting’, Chapter 2, The Bullshit Business

It was 1976, I was 26 years old and in New York for the first time. A year later than I promised myself but I’d lost a lot of time due to a million things since I started to work as a fashion photographer. Aside from my work, it were romances, dinners, parties and more parties that had taken up my time but now, finally, I was here.

Overwhelmed by the energy the city generated I was convinced that in New York everything was possible. It felt like balancing on the edge of time and while my blood ran through my veins at double speed, I realized the expression ‘the sky’s the limit’ originated right here. The first two weeks I hardly slept. I felt the urge to go out again and again. Exploring, absorbing, perceiving. Looking for more, more, more…


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