Olga Pantushenkova, Paris 1998

Paris' 99 Olga Pantushenkova

Olga, Kult Magazine 1998

“Olga Pantushenkova was one of the first Russian models to achieve international fame. The world thought that only babushkas came out of the East, but when the Iron Curtain finally fell it was revealed that Russia held a rich treasure-trove of beauty.

Born in 1975 in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg, Olga dreamed of becoming a model. At the age of fourteen she participated in a ‘Miss USSR’ contest and was spotted by someone from Red Star, the first modelling agency in Moscow. They sent her to Paris where the photographers didn’t know what to do with her slick Slavic looks. After she’d cut her long hair – the pride of every Russian girl – she was signed by Elite. A star was born.

Pantushenkova had joined the select group of supermodels. This made her an idol – a role model – in Russia, where millions of girls from Wladiwostok to Voronesh, dreamed of nothing else than following in her footsteps.” – Derk Sauer in 40 Years of Dutch Magazine Photography


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