Pat Cleveland, Stresa 1987

Pat C Josephine B '87 03

Pat Cleveland, Josephine Baker, Avenue Magazine 1987

“Pat is the greatest runway model of all time. A sparkling personality with an unmatched style. A comeback? She’s never been away. At the last Moschino show she entered the runway wearing the same outfit that she wore when she left the catwalk twenty years ago: a red dress with black polka dots, some vegetables, and a French loaf of bread under her arm. Exactly like she did every year, in exactly the same way since that very first time.
Sometimes I wonder how many shows she has done.
Her career started in 1965, when she was fifteen, and she had the ability to invent a new ‘walk’ every season since then. She walks faster than any other model, and all of her moves are more expressive and precise than anyone else’s. She understands, beyond compare, what designers and photographers want her to express, and adds her own ideas. Once, in 1987, when we were shooting a Josephine Baker story for Avenue in Italy, she prepared all her moves in advance.
Fortunately, she still loves to act and dance enthusiastically. Models that move like her, with so much character, humor, and originality are hard to find.” – Frans Ankoné in Vogue NL, Jan/Feb  2014


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