Elly Koot, Amsterdam 1974

Elly Koot '74

Elly Koot, Fun Fur, Nieuwe Revu Magazine 1974

Magazines were ‘the’ thing to work for in the Seventies. It meant exposure, and generated new assignments from other magazines, advertising agencies, and art galleries. Usually you were free to do whatever you liked as long as it fitted within the context of the magazine. They had large budgets because they sold a lot more copies every month than they do now. Wonderful times for a young photographer.

“We took this photo together on my bed, the kind you could live in, made out of wood, painted black, typical Seventies. You wore cowboy boots and after the shoot there were loads of scratches in the black paint. We hadn’t been that wild. Hahaha!” – Elly Koot in 40 Years of Dutch Magazine Photography


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