Tattooed, Amsterdam 1992

Tattoo A'dam '92

Yin and Yang, Avenue Magazine, October 1992

“The first thing that comes to mind when I think back to my time as an apprentice with fashion photographer Bart van Leeuwen, is the appearance of the models when I opened the door to them in the morning. While Bart was still in bed, recovering from the night before, there stood someone on the doorstep who did not even remotely deserved to be called a cover girl.

The inconspicuousness of the model could be overruled by Bart, who usually arrived at the studio around nine thirty with the famous words: ‘So, what are we actually doing today?’ But both professionals, photographer and model, knew better. From the very first moment that he entered the studio, Bart had the storyboard in his head and set about making sure that the whole team: client, model, hair and make-up were on the same page. With his disarming demeanour and special way of dealing with models, he was able to draw the very best performances out of them. He taught me the true meaning of the concept photogenic.

His pictures have a casualness that gives his work a beautiful documentary character. This narrative, cinematograpic style, fuelled by an unerring feeling for composition, light and drama, makes his work unique. Storytelling through a small series of photos is demonstrated perfectly in the Tattoo series. Six images, all equally stunning in composition and light, combine to depict an exciting and timeless fashion story.” – Gerard Wessel in 40 Years of Dutch Magazine Photography


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