Una Donna Particolare, Naples 1985

Naples '85 02

Una Donna Particolare, Avenue Magazine, February 1985

A good picture tells something about its subject. Not only what it looks like but what it represents. It is not an image of what is photographed but an image about what is photographed. It triggers your fantasy or touches your emotions. Anyway it’ll make you think.

Photographs become more interesting when the subject or what is happening in the picture is remarkable or caught in an unusual atmosphere. When images are mere representations of their subject, objective registrations, they can be proof of outstanding craftsmanship but generally only good enough to be used in sales catalogues, insurance documents or personnel files. As a way of stock-taking.

Depending on the intended use of a picture and the ideas of the photographer, he or she decides where and whenever the shutter will be released.

Personally I always found it hard to commit myself to rules and concepts figured out in advance to achieve good results. During a shoot, things would often look different from what I had in mind. Sometimes I had to change my ideas every hour, depending on the weather or other unpredictable circumstances. So you have to be flexible and open to coincidence. Sometimes just in order not to lose time.

But, while shooting in Italy, working on ‘Una Donna Particolare’, there was one thing the stylist and I both absolutely knew for sure: we were going to photograph our model sitting on the back of a bike with a priest.
She ended up on a donkey cart. With a farmer.


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