The Sheltering Sky, Marrakech 1990

Sheltering Sky '90

The Life of Paul Bowles, Avenue Magazine, June 1990 

“On a bleak February evening in the early eighties, I met the American fashion journalist Richard Buckley in Café de Flore in Paris, who told me very enthusiastically about a book he had just read.

The next morning I found The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles at the reception desk of my hotel. It was years before Bertolucci made his movie adaptation. In no time I had devoured all of Bowles’ books along with those written by his wife Jane.

I told Bart about the novel. He was immediately interested, and we decided to go to Morocco. Bart takes his best pictures when he can delve into the details of a story or personality. He loves setting scenes and thinks in terms of cinematic images. His preference will never go to simply photographing eight different red dresses in a studio. The best productions we made together were travel stories. A clear narrative, interesting research, a captivating model and an exciting location are the best ingredients for a successful fashion series.

Bart works well in chaotic circumstances. Extremely busy surroundings, bad weather, an intrusive crowd of spectators or unruly animals will never interrupt his concentration. I was always amazed when I saw his hotel room. Countless rolls of film, all coded and perfectly arranged, ready to be sent to the lab.” – Frans Ankoné in 40 Years of Dutch Magazine Photography


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