Bicycle Belles, Amsterdam 1990

Avenue 1990-10 

Bicycle Belles, Avenue Magazine, October 1990

“Although he took many portraits and advertising photos, Van Leeuwen played a particularly important role in fashion photography during the seventies, eighties and nineties. A period of unlimited possibilities, in which rock ’n roll, naked models, and lines of cocaine went hand in hand.
By setting the scene, styling and minimal direction, he integrated his imagination into reality in order to create a temporary, new reality, searching for a human story. Following the best documentary traditions – as can be seen in the work of Dutch photographers like Van der Keuken and Van der Elsken – he tried to create natural images. ‘I used to stage all kinds of situations, sometimes exceptional or extreme, but always realistic, that I captured on film, like in a documentary.’  
In his photos spontaneity, surprise and story, play an important role, there is always something happening, you never see a model in a classic pose just promoting her outfit. Created Reality.“ – Fiona Hering in 40 Years of Dutch Magazine Photography


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