Chanel, Paris 1986

Paris 1986 (2)

Haute Couture, Chanel, Avenue Magazine, July 1986

My assistant didn’t hesitate. He had just got his driving licence and was very self-assured. He ran another red light, and continued his way, using a bus lane and driving on the left side of the road. When we were stopped by a policeman who asked him in French what he thought he was doing, he answered in Dutch. The man of the law told him to drive on since we were blocking traffic. ‘Roulez, roulez!’ he shouted, making circular gestures with his hands, angry and upset.

We drove through Paris in an old Datsun, looking for the right place and the right light. When we found a good spot, we parked the car, went to a ‘Bar Tabac’, and put Apollonia in a dress by Chanel, Dior or Yves St. Laurent.
Then, as quick as we could, we made a picture and went on.
Always in a hurry. The dresses had to be back at the salon at five.


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