Madame Grès, Paris 1986

Paris '86 Madame Grès

Apollonia, Madame Grès, Avenue Magazine 1986

Shooting pictures from windows has always fascinated me.

While working in Paris with stylist-producer Frans Ankoné and model Apollonia, we realized it would save us a lot of time to make a picture of ‘Apples’ while she stayed in her room in Hotel Chrystal and just looked out of the window, instead of going outside in the freezing cold, and wander around to find a proper location.

I never hesitated to ring someone’s doorbell and ask if I could make a picture from their window or balcony. As long as you’re polite and don’t give people the impression they are obliged to comply, such a request must be possible. I’ve always been lucky, nobody ever refused, people have always been very cooperative. Like in this case; I was even offered a cup of coffee. The picture was made within short notice, I drank my coffee, and we gained some time for the rest of the day.


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