Da Gigino, Sorrento 1992

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Irah at Da Gigino, Via degli Archi, Sorrento 1992

Soon, ‘Da Gigino, food and family’ will be released. A wonderful photo/cook book filled with traditional Italian family recipes photographed by Hans de Kort and written by Saskia Schmitz.

Da Gigino is a restaurant in the Via degli Archi in Sorrento, Italy, where Irah and I used to go often while working in Sorrento and Capri. The food was always excellent, the service impeccable, the hospitality and atmosphere unmistakably Italian and completely unique at the same time. An authenticity and sincerity that can not be imitated.

Over time, we became friends with Ciro, the owner, and the rest of the Esposito family that ran the place; once we even shot a fashion story in the restaurant, in its kitchen and in the little street right in front of their door.

This was all twenty years ago. From what I understand, the food is still great. That hasn’t changed. According to the book it stayed the same, just like the looks of the alley where this unmatched, ‘Nr.1′  restaurant is located.


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