Long Island, New York 1989

WASP '89 01

WASP, Long Island, New York, Elegance Magazine 1989

Lively, spontaneous pictures of people in motion – images which sometimes look like simple snapshots – are usually far harder to make than those that are posed.
Arms and legs, moving in all directions, have to be in the right place and show the right moment of movement, to make it look like a real human action and not like the mechanical moves of a motorized robot.
At the same time, the light, the clothes, the position in relation to the background, the facial expression and the glance in the eyes – the ‘feel’ – must be right, without being frozen and controlled. The contrast between fore- and background must be watched closely to avoid things blending into each other, while at the same time, you must make sure that no trees, lampposts, church steeples, sky scrapers, indoor plants or flagpoles stick out of heads or other body parts of the people you photograph, because that looks silly. You might get the impression they’re wearing a funny hat or have a banner sticking out of their behind.
In other words: you must be able to push the button at the right moment to a much higher degree than when making static pictures.
In the end, such a ’moving’ picture will look effortless, like it’s made without any craftsmanship or endeavor and will, ironically, be judged by a shallow reasoning spectator as a snapshot, easy to make; also because, when looking at a posed, constructed picture, it’s generally easy to see how much thought and energy have been put in to it to achieve the final result.


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