Secrecy, Amsterdam 1992

Café Literair '92 02 kopie

Secrecy, Café Littéraire, Elegance Magazine 1992

Fashion photography has always been a way to integrate my imagination into reality, as to create a new reality in which I am looking for a universal view on the human condition. In order to avoid the ever changing trends to which fashion photography itself is subject, and achieve a realistic, unaffected result, I never used typical photographic tools like extreme tele- or wide angle lenses, color filters, special lighting or deviant ways of printing, because these techniques are mainly about form, eyeing for effect, and have no significance whatsoever concerning content. They only create a sense of alienation.
For the same reason, I prefer existing locations instead of studio decors, available light instead of ‘constructed’ light and naturally moving models instead of posing ones.
This all contributes to the credibility of the images, an important criterion when assessing staged photography. By working this ‘simple’, the mix of reality and fiction that I’m looking for originates, as well as the desired image. Created reality. – 40 Years of Dutch Magazine Photography


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