Appearances, Kuantan 1991

Kuantan '92

Appearances, Kuantan, Malaysia, Elegance Magazine 1991

A couple of monkeys had opened my suitcase and were wildly throwing its contents around the hotel room, probably looking for something to eat. As soon as they noticed me, they quit what they were doing and tried to impress me with macho behavior and lots of screeching, before they rapidly disappeared through the window that I had accidently left open.
It was hot and humid in the room. I closed the window, switched on the air conditioner and started to put my things back in the suitcase. A lingering pain in my back told me that the lady at the Traditional Malay Massage Parlour had been a little too rough on me after all.
I lay down on the bed. What a day.
At least the shoot with Nicole went fine that morning, due to her voluptuous curves and the magnificent light reflected by the South China Sea. 


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