Fantasio Girl, Amsterdam 1968

Fantasio '68Exerpt from ‘Nabelichting’, Chapter 6, Specialization

Not one day was like any other. A job more diverse didn’t exist. We photographed soup, beer, cheese, refrigerators, landscapes, pacifiers, sailing boats, musicals, you name it. Every day I learned something new. In many different fields. Like what to say, and what not, in order not to end up in jail after getting drunk in Norway. Or how to take care of a couple of groundhogs.
Concerning photography however, work became boring after a while. We never made pictures about things, only of things. Shooting actuality, creating ‘images of time’, like you do in fashion stories and portraits of pop musicians or other subjects representing contemporary culture – things that really interested me being a restless eighteen year old – hardly ever occurred during my daily work as an apprentice.
So, at night or in weekends, I photographed girlfriends and rock bands, representatives of the time we were living in. Pictures that got published in Hitweek and Gandalf, ‘hip and happening’ magazines during turbulent days.


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