Linda Spierings, De Koog 1986

Linda '86 De Koog

Blueprint of Grey, Avenue Magazine 1986

Avenue was a magazine I used to work for a lot. I think I photographed about thirty different fashion stories for them. Many times I also shot the cover.
Last week I went through my files to see what my favorite story is.
A lot of work and a hard choice to make. So much to choose from.
Will it be Apollonia in Naples, or Gerry-An in Istanbul? Pat Cleveland, impersonating Josephine Baker, Anja Henneman in Ossessione, in the South of France, or Irah on a bicycle in Amsterdam? What about Nick Rogers as a Viking, on Iceland, or Mark van der Loo in On the Waterfront, just before he became world famous? Or maybe Linda Spierings in ‘Blueprint of Grey’, on the isle of Texel?


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