Freddy Mercury and Bob Geldof, London 1985

Fashion Aid 1985

Fashion Aid, Royal Albert Hall, London 1985

Fashion Aid, Royal Albert Hall, London 1985. The end of the show. The ‘finale’.
Jane Seymour as a bride, and bare-foot Freddie Mercury as her groom walk down the runway of a packed Royal Albert Hall, swarming with pop-stars, super models, and famous actors. The most stunning looking couple you could imagine during those days, only partially due to their dazzling outfits.
But then, suddenly, when host Patrick Duffy kisses the bride, Bob Geldof, one of the organizers of the Aid Show for Africa, tries to get hold of Seymour’s garter, and fights over it with Mercury.
Geldof wins and runs away, triumphantly showing his loot, followed by Mercury who doesn’t want to give up, but eventually has to.


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