L’Extravagante, Halifax 1991

Irah '91 Halifax 05

L’Extravagante, La Vie d’une Artiste, Elegance Magazine 1991

Happy about the way I had rearranged the pictures in my portfolio, I showed my work to the editor-in-chief of the magazine devoted to articles on women’s issues, relationships, sex, health, careers, self-improvement, celebrities, fashion and beauty.
Silently, without saying a word, she turned the pages. Then she closed the book, looked at me, and shook her head.”No,” she said, “I’m sorry. I don’t think you can work for us, I don’t like it. You can’t see when the pictures are taken.”

She didn’t realize she just gave me the biggest compliment I could imagine.
In my work as a fashion photographer I always, deliberately, tried to avoid anything explicitly trendy, looking for a timeless, human image in which the person photographed plays a central role, and not the outfit that he or she is wearing. I have never been able to become very excited about the latest trend or fashion because I realize there is a big chance it will be ‘passé’ by tomorrow. It’s the human element that attracts me in photography, the clothes people are wearing come in second place.

“Well, then, I’m sorry too.” I said, and put my portfolio back in its case. “But thank you for the compliment!”
When I left her office, she had a very puzzled look on her face.


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