Una Donna Particolare, Naples 1985

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Una Donna Particolare, Avenue Magazine 1985

Una Donna Particolare was the first story I shot for Avenue with model Apollonia van Ravenstein and stylist Frans Ankoné. Many would follow.
To find the right atmosphere, we went to Southern Italy. Frans still had to get used to my documentary way of working; like a street photographer amidst the crowd, using a handheld camera and short lenses.
In Fotofolio – 40 Years of Dutch Magazine Photography he stated: “Everyone warned us that we shouldn’t take any cameras or valuables into the city. But how do you do that when you’re photographing expensive prêt-à-porter in Naples without an actual location, walking, with the clothes slung over your arm and the accessories around your neck, changing clothes and adjusting hair and make-up in bars and restaurants? Impossible!
There was something going on constantly. We ended up in the middle of a funeral procession, a man made obscene gestures in front of a church, the horse of the cart our model stood on slipped, people on the street called Apollonia ‘Sophia’ and made clear they thought she should eat more, a school caretaker was almost fired because he allowed us to take photographs on the stairway of the school building. We had to convince his superiors it was us who made him do it. And so on. It just didn’t stop!”


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