Nassau, Bahamas 1978

Bahama's '78

Holiday for Two, Nassau, Bahamas 1978

“Oh my God. Can you believe it?” I heard a woman’s voice with an American accent say.
I had almost fallen asleep on one of the deckchairs near the pool of our hotel on the Bahamas where we were staying for a shoot for a Dutch magazine. We had been working since six o’clock in the morning, so around noon it was time for a nap, but the sound of a voice that was both surprised and upset woke me up.
“I’ve got to make a picture!” I heard another woman say.
I opened my eyes to see what was going on.
One of the models I was working with and who laid stretched out on a towel on the chair right next to me, had just taken off her top.
She was laying on her back, exposing her body to the sun, big smile on her face.
“I hardly believe my eyes!” one of the women said. “Wait till they see this at home!”
I grabbed my camera, made a picture, and dozed off again.


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