Isa Hoes, Amsterdam 1997

Isa Hoes '97

Isa Hoes, Playboy Magazine, May 1997

One of the arguments to put a photographer in the spotlight, is that ‘the artist’- it’s hard for me to get used to, but that’s what a photographer is called nowadays, ‘artist’ – is working in an ‘innovative’ way or that he’s ‘exploring boundaries’.

In many cases of this so called ‘innovative photography’, however, I get the impression that only form is important and that content does not count. The main context of the stunts and masterpieces that are shown is usually the digital technique used to achieve the final result, while we are still dealing with straightforward portraits, still lives, landscapes, and naked girls. They just look a little different.

Putting lots of pictures together into one image with the aid of a computer, for instance, has nothing to do with the essence of photography – releasing the shutter at the right moment to capture a subjective image of reality – how colorful or impressive the final result might be. It’s a totally different discipline, comparable with traditional collage.

Outstanding new photographic techniques communicate merely that the pictures in which they are used are hip and contemporary and, because of that, subject to fashion.
Before you know, they’re old fashioned again.


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