Nothing is Real, 09-2015

Nothing is Real Cover

Nothing is Real, Fact and Photography, September 2015

My new book, Nothing is Real, will soon be released.
It consists of seven essays about photography, written over the last few years.
Some paragraphs have been published on this blog earlier.

The first edition will be in Dutch. An English version will follow shortly.
Keep your iPhones ready, you might have to do some googling, unless you’re already familiar with the work of the photographers mentioned in it.

This is what the blurb says:

“In our contemporary culture, in which we are conditioned to form an opinion about things according to an image, rather than the thing itself, photography has become an excellent means of communication. A medium, like language, through which it is possible to explain things, express feelings, exchange ideas, through which you can spread knowledge or talk nonsense, write novels or make shopping lists.

In Nothing is Real, fashion and portrait photographer Bart van Leeuwen describes his vision on photography. By way of analysis and a number of case-histories from his life long career, he provides us with a clear interpretation of the images you’re looking at, which can lead to a better understanding of what you are viewing.

Don’t expect a manual on shutter speeds or focal distances, nor a guidebook to digital editing, but a useful tool to discover some important issues concerning emotion and credibility, two of the most important elements determining the expressiveness of a picture. The fundamental idea always stays the same: communication. By watching closely and asking yourself what it is that you’re communicating, you’re a long way down the road.”

Nothing is Real is available in English at ISBN: 978-1532869839, and in Dutch at ISBN: 9789402138115.


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