Movie Time, Amsterdam 1991

Matinique '91

Paolo Seganti & Sandra Lerga, Inwear Matinique, Amsterdam 1991

When a photographed person looks into the camera and makes eye contact with the viewer, the spectator becomes part of the scene in which the person is photographed,
A psychological effect which creates a kind of ‘relationship’ with the people photographed. Something that originates in classical painting and is nowadays commonly used in cinematography where actors are trained to avoid it. “Don’t look into the camera!”

The absence of camera contact makes sure the viewer stays spectator, watcher of another reality, in order to experience a realistic, believable story. A story without the presence of the viewer.
Without exception, all of my fashion pictures are staged. To give them a realistic feel, models are usually seemingly oblivious to the presence of a camera. Like actors in movies.


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