Le Baiser, Paris 1988

Le Baiser '88 02

Le Baiser, YSL, Jardin des Plantes, Avenue Magazine, Paris 1988

When Avenue Magazine asked me to go to Paris to recreate Doisneau’s famous Kiss, I could not say: “All right, I’ll go and do that.”
“That’s not going to happen,” I told them.
“See how close you can get,” they replied.
That meant something else. So off I went. Happy with the assignment.

To arouse a viewer’s interest I always tried to photograph things that have a certain meaning or importance to them, something they can identify with, something that gets them thinking or fires their imagination, instead of just a simple registration of yet another coat or dress.
The more this context corresponds with universal, human feelings, the more the viewer can identify with the subject and will understand what the picture is about without any further explanation.

Excerpt from ‘Nothing is Real’, Chapter 2, Form and Content


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