Red, Billund 2005

Denmark '05 Billund

Red, Mailboxes, Billund, Denmark 2005

During fashion shoots I usually made pictures of the surroundings where the story took place, e.g. without models; quickly in between shots, when the models were changing clothes or being treated by the make-up artist.

Moreover, when I wasn’t working I often photographed ‘cityscapes’. Pictures that someday might serve as a back-ground for future fashion shoots or as an idea for a new series. Only the ‘feel’ of the subject was important. Abstract compositions of shape and color, form without content. Walls, doors, streets, squares, bridges, parks and so on.

My only concern was what things looked like in the picture, not what it really was.
Modern or futuristic, old and aged, dilapidated, idyllic, rustic, colourful.

Excerpt from ‘Nothing is Real’, Chapter 3, People and their Surroundings


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