Steed & Peel, Ardennes 1995

Steed & Peel Vanessa

Steed & Peel, Vanessa, Elegance Magazine, Ardennes 1995

A human being is a complicated sum of characteristics, emotions and changing moods, many of which are reflected in their facial expression which, along with their physiognomy, make up a large part of their identity. That’s probably the reason that the making of portraits – an art form dating from the time of the Egyptians – seems to fascinate us more than ever, considering the enormous amount of selfies that are made on a worldwide daily basis.

Apart from depicting a person, many photographers consider their portraits, for instance, to be reflections of ‘social sentiments’, or their ‘coming of age problemacy’, conceptual visions in which the people portrayed serve more or less as objects, tools on behalf of the artistic goals of the creator.
In my opinion a portrait is in the first place about the person portrayed, and not about the photographer, and their irressistable urge towards self-expression, their umpteenth self portrait. Even when the techniques employed are simple, the personal vision of the photographer is inevitable and will give a portrait its signature.


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