Obsession, Cévennes 1992

Obsession '92 07Punto e Basta, Avenue Magazine 1992

As a photographer you have to be confident. Your work will be judged by spectators with different visions.
If you let this influence you, you will soon become confused, because the opinions of professionals, amateurs, and art critics can differ greatly.

Professionals know how a picture is made. They master the techniques necessary to depict an idea, their own as well as those of others. They can make a picture suitable for its intended use and make a living from it.
They look at a photograph differently from a non professional, someone who has only made an occasional holiday picture or a selfie, and usually considers a photograph as a presentation of reality, a fact: ‘That’s the way it was.’

Art critics look at the art-historical perspective of a photograph and determine whether or not it fits into the local or international trends of a widely-renowned gallery or museum, regardless of their personal preferences.

Excerpt from ‘Nothing is Real’, Chapter 7, Art and Craftsmanship


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