Summertime, Miami 1990

Dan & Robina  Miami 1990 R

Summertime, Dan & Robina, Elegance Magazine, Miami 1990

Since motion implies life, the possibility to depict a unique, once-only moment of a moving subject, razor-sharp, has always appealed to me. Being it either an incidental glance, the record attempt of a long jumper, the restrained smile of a teenager, or any other expression of the volatility of life.
It offers a facility that, for technical reasons, didn’t exist in the early days of the medium. Blurred pictures, due to long exposure times and moving subjects, were common things and could only be avoided by means of not moving at all for several seconds in order not to be depicted as a foggy shade.
As a result of that we are all familiar with the static, posed, pictures which, in combination with their typical sepia tone, were characteristic of the photographs in the nineteenth century. Now that photographic materials are more sensitive and lenses much faster – resulting in the possibility to photograph moving subjects as frozen – we are able to show a very different image of reality than a hundred years ago.


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