Culture & Contrast, Mysore 1987

India '87 Mysore 03

Land of Culture & Contrast, Avenue Magazine, Mysore 1987

“A greater contrast between our arrival in and departure from India was absolutely impossible. After landing in Bangalore we were met by photographers and journalists who treated us like film stars. Our Indian host had told the press that supermodel Apollonia was coming to Southern India for a fashion shoot.
The following day we appeared in the local newspapers, adorned with garlands.

Our journey home was something completely different. An enormous fire at Bombay airport had just destroyed a large section of the departure lounge. It was total chaos. Thousands of people, nothing to eat or drink, nowhere to sit, and, above all, a complete lack of information about how long we would have to camp there. It turned out to be more than two days. Apollonia handed out sleeping pills every six hours, our Indian shawls served as matrasses. The flight back will be shrouded in mystery forever.”
Frans Ankoné in 40 Years of Dutch Magazine Photography


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