Pat Cleveland, Stresa 1987


Pat Cleveland imp. Josephine Baker, Avenue Magazine 1987

Thursday September 22, the incomparable Pat Cleveland will be in Amsterdam to promote her memoir Walking with the Muses. Between 5 and 7pm, she’ll sign your personal copy at the Atheneum News Centre, 14 Spui. Besides that she will meet  some of her old friends from the time she was living in Amsterdam herself.
Walking with the Muses is about her life as a supermodel, the famous people she met, the travels she made. Or as Simon & Schuster, her publisher, stated: An exciting account of the international adventures of fashion model Pat Cleveland, one of the first black supermodels during the wild sixties and seventies.

“New York in the sixties and seventies was glamorous and gritty at the same time, a place where people like Warhol, Avedon, and Halston as well their muses came to pursue their wildest ambitions, and when the well began to run dry they darted off to Paris.
Though born on the very fringes of this world, Patricia Cleveland, through a combination of luck, incandescent beauty, and enviable style, soon found herself in the center of all that was creative, bohemian, and elegant. A “walking girl,” a runway fashion model whose inimitable style still turns heads on the runways of New York, Paris, Milan, and Tokyo, Cleveland was in high demand.
One minute she’s partying with Mick Jagger and Jack Nicholson, the next she’s sharing the dance floor next to a man with stark white hair, an artist the world would later know as Warhol. One moment she’s idolizing the silver screen sensation Warren Beatty, years later, she’s deciding whether to resist his considerable amorous charms. In New York, she struggles to secure her first cover of a major magazine. In Paris, she’s the toast of the town. And through the whirlwind of it all, she is forever in pursuit of love, truth, and beauty.”


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