Favourite, Amsterdam 1992

Favourite, Elegance Magazine, Amsterdam 1992

Last week Friday I gave a guest lecture using Skype for the students of the Falmouth Arts University in Cornwall, England, regarding my book ‘Nothing is Real’, published by Amazon.com.
All went well until one of the students asked me what my own, ‘favourite’ picture was.
This is about the most difficult question I can imagine. By choosing one image as ‘best’, I’m degrading all my other pictures to ‘less’, a decision I don’t want to make.
So I answered, as I did before when similar questions were asked: “The last one I’ve been working on.” At that moment that image is the most present and ‘important’ in my mind.
Then the student asked: “Which one is it? What does it look like?”
When I told her, I realized that, except for the editor-in-chief of the magazine I had shot it for, no one had ever seen my ‘favourite’ picture, which is quite exceptional.
“I like it, but we’re not going to publish it.” he had said. “It’s far too sexy for our readers. I don’t want to take the risk.”
So I put it in my ‘archives’ where it stayed until I found it that morning and took it aside to put it on Instagram later that day, right after the Skype session.
And here it is. Shot in the Japanese Room of the famous Tuschinski Theater in Amsterdam. For Elegance Magazine.


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