Light, Sorrento 1992

Sorrento 01
Light, Irah and Angelo, Via degli Archi, Sorrento 1992

“She doesn’t even notice the stains on her dress. The bruises on her knuckles. The blisters on her feet. As the guests leave they take their laughter with them. The doors open and the nighttime air comes in. She takes a deep breath and sits down for the first time in for however long it might have been. Such things don’t matter now. Empty tables surround her, but despite this lonely scene and this cold air, warmth is what she feels. She steps outside and attempts to light a cigarette. Her lighter is nowhere to be found, but Angelo helps her out. They say ‘Buena Notte’ to each other. The food was good. The kitchen is clean. Everyone is happy. That’s all that matters.”


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