2017 ONO Arte Contemp, Warhol & Basquiat, Dalla Pop Art alla Street Art, Mantova, It

2015 The Gallery Club, History of Dutch Magazine Photography, Amsterdam NL
2015 Museum Arnhem, Everything but Clothes, Arnhem NL

2014 Christie’s, YiP Art, Amsterdam NL

2013 Foam, Framed in Print, Amsterdam NL

2010 DFF Gallery, Zoom, Eyes on Dutch Fashion, The Hague NL

2009 BlowUp Gallery, Uppercuts, Amsterdam NL

2008 BlowUp Gallery, Dutch Nudes, Amsterdam NL
2008 BlowUp Gallery, Bart van Leeuwen – 40 Years of Fashion, Amsterdam NL

2007 Wouter van Leeuwen Gallery, Andy Warhol, Amsterdam NL

2006 Nederlands Fotomuseum, Avenue A – Z, Rotterdam NL

2004 Downtown Gallery, BlowUp Photographers, Amsterdam NL
2004 BlowUp Gallery, Bart van Leeuwen, Amsterdam NL

2003 Kunsthal, Playboy Photography, Rotterdam NL
2003 BlowUp Gallery, 11 Photographers, Amsterdam NL
2003 Naarden Photo, 50 Years Nieuwe Revu, Naarden NL
2003 Naarden Photo, Style of Life, Naarden NL
2003 Breda Photo, Breda NL
2003 Sanoma, Style of Life, Hoofddorp NL
2003 Christies, Aids Fund, Amsterdam NL

2002 VNU, 30 x 30, 30 Years Viva, Amsterdam NL
2002 Downtown Gallery, Pim Thomassen, Amsterdam NL
2002 Scheringa Museum, 50 Years of Fashion, Spanbroek NL
2002 Reflections, Urban Perceptions, Amsterdam NL

2000 Historic Museum, Young, Rotterdam NL
2000 Museum of Drenthe, Young, Assen NL

1999 Kring, War Child, Amsterdam NL
1999 Scheringa Museum, Fong Leng ‘Diva’, Spanbroek NL
1999 Lumiere, SVFN, Durgerdam NL

1998 PanL, Amsterdam NL
1998 Jablonka Gallery, Andy Warhol, Köln DE
1998 Westergasfabriek, PanL, Amsterdam NL
1998 Bijenkorf, Doors to India, Amsterdam NL

1995 Naarden Photo, Ego Document, Naarden NL
1995 Dejeuner sur l’Herbe, Paris FR

1994 European Photography, Yokohama JP

1993 Naarden Photo, Naarden NL

1992 St. Lucas Institute, Bruxelles BE
1992 Kleurgamma, Amsterdam NL

1991 Naarden Photo, Naarden NL

1990 Dunhill Dutch Photography, Amstelveen NL

1989 Dunhill Dutch Photography, Arnhem NL
1989 Sonesta Gallery, Avenue, Amsterdam NL
1989 Dunhill Dutch Photography, Assen NL
1989 Naarden Photo, Naarden NL
1989 Focus Gallery, Nudes, Amsterdam NL

1988 Dunhill Dutch Photography, Utrecht NL
1988 Dunhill Dutch Photography, St. Petersburg RU
1988 Dunhill Dutch Photography, Moscow RU
1988 Modam, Amsterdam NL

1987 Month of Photography, Athens GR
1987 Dunhill Dutch Photography, Amsterdam NL
1987 Dunhill Dutch Photography, Amstelveen NL
1987 Institut Néerlandais, Le Vent du Nord, Paris FR

1986 Dunhill Dutch Photography, Lelystad NL

1985 Canon Gallery, 20 Years Avenue, Amsterdam NL
1985 Aemstelle, Dunhill Dutch Photography, Amstelveen NL

1984 Kodak Gallery, Odijk NL
1984 KLM Gallery, Tokio JP

1983 Mazzo, Amsterdam NL

1982 KLM Gallery, New York US

1975 Gallery Fiolet, Amsterdam NL



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